Best rolling papers in RYO cigarettes

A cigarette is a disaster from head to toe, but still, if you are reading this blog, you choose to smoke despite all its catastrophes. Yet, we are not here to judge you but to help every smoker get a quality product at a lower cost. In this readymade world, everything is pre-made by companies, and cigarettes are one of them. However, many customers rely on making their own cigarettes due to the unreliability of pre-made cigarettes. Moreover, they want to taste different flavors along with magnificent aromas. Therefore, they prefer to smoke RYO cigarettes.
We have already helped you buy unique and good tobacco products, which are fundamental components if you are a rolling your own cigarettes smoker. But in this blog, we will provide you with knowledge of different rolling paper brands along with their features and specialties. So stay tuned with us until the last word.

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What are the common characteristics of rolling papers?

Selecting a good rolling paper is important as hundreds of companies claim to enrich you with good rolling paper. But not all fulfill their claims. Here are some features one should know before buying a rolling paper.

size Colour Efficiency Health risks
Rolling paper comes different sized due to customers’ demands and tax laws. Companies manufacture different colors of rolling paper including The other main component one should consider while choosing rolling paper is its efficiency. Health is also associated with using rolling paper while smoking. Some companies offer no bleach and nicotine free product so reduces the health risk due to their purity.
• 68-70mm x 34-36mm wide (single wide rolling paper) White and brown colored rolling paper (unbleached) The efficiency means the burning capability whether a rolling paper burns gradually or it burns immediately The two main types we usually consider in this regard are
• 76-78mm x 45-48mm (1 1/4″ Rolling Paper) Nevertheless, you are allowed to purchase different fascinating colors of your own choice like black, golden, pink gray and many more It depends upon the quality of paper and the ingredients use to make it Rice papers
76-78mm x 60-62mm (1 1/2″ Rolling Paper) Hemp papers
76-78mm x 63-88mm
(Double Wide Rolling Paper)

What are the top 8 brands of rolling paper for roll-your-own cigarettes?

To provide our readers with sufficient knowledge regarding the best rolling papers, we have gathered a list of the top brands. This way, one can enjoy each puff of their smoking experience.

 Raw Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers


We do not recommend using RAW Unrefined Classic Rolling Papers. Once you take a single puff, it will be impossible to break the habit, as the product is quite satisfying and does not contain any additives that could harm your lungs. Rice paper is a good alternative to cellulose and does not contain chemicals like chlorine.

Nature of paper  Rice paper having no cellulose
Burning capability Burns gradually and consistently
Size of paper Available in king size as well as regular size
Health risk No additional chemical to affect the lungs
Company name RAW

You will love to inhale the tobacco roll from this brand. The rolling paper comes in different sizes, including king size, single size, and pre-rolled, all made in Spain without any doubt. The paper burns slowly and consistently, which gives a soothing inhale to the smoker.

Element rice rolling papers

The company that manufactures RAW also creates this amazing product. The company took a keen interest in its quality so you can burn the paper with minimum ash. Moreover, sophisticated smokers will love to utilize this incredibly amazing rolling paper due to its lack of dryness.

Nature of paper Rice paper (no dryness)
Burning capability Burns slowly with zero ash
Size of paper 76×44mm
Health risk One of the best healthy rolling paper having no flavor
Company name RAW

The paper has a special feature that other companies normally neglect when making their papers. The thin paper does not dry out as the pack of paper has a special magnetic closure. So, whenever the paper dries, its sticky ends start to curl up, maintaining the paper’s freshness in this way.

Zig-zag rolling hemp papers

These hemp papers have made their place on this list due to their credibility and 140 years of a good reputation. The papers are zig-zag and purely organic with zero bleach.

Nature of paper Hemp paper 100 percent organic (no bleach) hard to roll the tobacco
Burning capability Slow burn rate
Size of paper 108mm size
Health risk 100 percent natural free of any chemical. Having least health risks
Company name Zig-zag


Customers love to use it due to its manufacturing purity, which contains non-GMO, 100% organic hemp, and natural gum fibers that ensure its quality and credibility. Zig-Zag rolling hemp paper comes in a 108mm size, which is the largest version among all versions. Moreover, the green color ensures its organic paper, which is why people usually call it green Zig-Zag paper. It has all the features a smoker wants from rolling paper.

Juicy Jay Flavored Papers

Smoking with different flavors is the best combo one can have by using Juicy Jay flavored papers. The company offers you potent flavors that include bubble gum, orange, apple, and everyone’s favorite blueberry.

Nature of paper Organic hemp having triple dip flavoring system
Burning capability Fast burning
Size of paper 78mm – 46mm,
Health risk Some are consider to be mildly carcinogen due to flavoring.
Company name Juicy jay’s

Unlike other companies, JJ enriches the flavor and aromatic sensation of smoking without artificial chemicals. These flavors are incorporated into smoking filter paper by adding natural sugar gums, which boost the joy of smoking. So, you can rely on this brand if you want to avoid artificial flavors in your RYO cigarette.

Shine 24-karat gold paper

Besides its beauty and elegance, the product also provides a soothing smell and cough-free exhale that smokers demand from rolling paper. Moreover, the paper is worthy of being given as a gift or used for smoking on a special occasion. The unusual beauty and value make Shine 24-karat gold paper expensive, but once you become addicted to its swag, you will not deny its worth.

Nature of paper Gold paper
Burning capability Quick burning
Size of paper 3 x 3 x 3 inches
Health risk 100 percent inhalable.
Company name Shine rolling papers

OCP Bamboo Slim Organic


Rolling Paper If you’re looking for quality and quantity, buying OCP organic paper in bulk can be your top choice. The company offers OCP bamboo slim organic rolling paper, which is less slippery than rice paper, making it easy to fill with tobacco. Additionally, due to its flexibility and strength, the paper won’t tear while making RYO cigarettes.

Nature of paper Made up of weed bamboo (unbleached free of dyes)
Burning capability Smooth and slow burning
Size of paper 110mm size
Health risk Not toxic due to purity
Company name Republic Technologies LLC

In addition, you can enjoy risk-free cigarettes as the product does not contain any bleach or additives that can harm your lungs. This quality product is available in every store at a reasonable price.

Bob Marley organic paper

Bob Marley Organic Paper is named after the great musician Bob Marley, so its packaging contains his admiring picture, which reminds everyone of him while smoking the cigarette. This rolling paper is not only recommendable due to its healthy content, but also provides your cigarette with a sweet aroma and a decent flavor.
Unlike other rolling papers, the Bob Marley paper is made of natural gum that ensures the health of your lungs. Moreover, it also provides a sticky, shiny surface which is problematic in most rolling papers. If you are a smoker who wants to experience unique cigarettes, then you should not miss this product.


Which one is the healthiest rolling paper to use?

If you want a considerably healthy smoking experience, the Organic RAW hemp papers can fulfill your demand. Many smokers and even manufacturers recommend this rolling paper if you don’t want to take risks with your lungs.

Can smoking paper damage your lungs?

Smoking paper usually has an impact on your lungs, as you are consuming it in the form of smoke. Yet, the damage increases dramatically if the paper contains any ink or chemicals.