Cigarette holder

Cigarette holder

Have you ever tried a cigarette holder and experienced the comfort of smoking through a cigarette holder? If not, you might have even heard of this. In this article, we have provided you with minute information which will certainly help you with the benefits and usage of cigarette holders.

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Though smoking is not good for health and there are a lot of problems that are associated with smoking including major health issues like lung cancer, etc. Despite the fact that smoking is injurious to health, a lot of people across the globe do smoke. Smokers usually claim that they get peace of mind or satisfaction by smoking.

Anyhow, for facilitating the smokers, cigarette holders have been introduced. A cigarette holder is a kind of fashion or luxurious item with a long, thin tube that holds a cigarette. Normally, they are found to be made up of simple plastic but made up of costly metals like silver, gold, jade, etc. are also available to satisfy the smokers. Initially, ladies started using cigarette holders in the previous century, and later on, it became a trend for ladies to use these holders as an integral part of smoking.

Males started using cigarette holders for consuming tobacco or for cigars. It was considered to be more than a necessity than of luxury to use cigarette holders.  In the present century, cigarette holders are not that much famous as they were in the previous century.

In the present century, cigarette holders with filters have been introduced to reduce the bad health impacts. These filters placed inside the cigarette holders don’t affect the health of non-smokers who do no bad except standing nearby the smokers. Cigarette users now prefer to buy cigarette holders with filters to have improved taste and smell and to reduce the adverse impacts of smoking on others.

In this article, we will discuss about the purpose, material, and benefits of cigarette holders with and without filters.


The main purpose of introducing cigarette holders was to facilitate the smokers and to pose smoking in a decent way. These holders were used frequently by smokers especially by ladies at parties while shopping or even traveling.

A lot of other purposes for introducing cigarette holders can be quoted here:

  • The prime factor behind the inception of cigarette holders was to reduce the ash which falls while smoking. Of course, there were no specific cloths for being safe from smoke ash so the falling ash could damage ladies’ clothes.
  • Another reason was to save the hands and fingers from being burnt
  • To save the eyes of smokers from being hurt while smoking.

Though cigarette holders were introduced for serving the need purposes at first, later on, they became a luxury and then a trademark to be used both by ladies and the gents while smoking.


Today, cigarette holders have been upgraded with cigarette filter holders. These filters provide certain benefits and present an upgraded picture of simple cigarette holders.

There are a lot of benefits that cigarette holders provide which include:

  • The filters that are used in the cigarette holders prevent the smoke strength and thus the sitters beside the smoker are not affected much by the smoke.
  • Cigarette holder filters help in absorbing the narcotics, and extra toxins which affect the health of other people who are standing around the smokers
  • Holding cigarettes in the cigarette holders doesn’t hurt the fingers or hands of the smokers while smoking with heat or tar
  • The filters inside the cigarette holders take away the toxins and don’t affect the passive smokers
  • Cigarette holders don’t let you inhale the extra smoke that gathers around you case of smoking without holders

Material used

The material which is used for making cigarette holders ranges from simple to costly texture. You must have seen very simple cigarette holders made of plastic and even might have noticed holders made of costly jewels or ornaments.

Cigarette holders are used by the rich not by everyone who smokes. Because the material which is used in making holders is assembled considering the needs of the rich, they are lavish in appearance and even more costly than you think.

Nowadays, cigarette holders are laced with filters that are made up of non-toxic material like good quality plastic. People now prefer to buy cigarette holders with filters not merely holders to hold their cigarettes. With filters, the cigarette holders turn most costly. As the filter used inside a cigarette holder is meant to filter the toxic elements and

Keeping in view, the usage and rising demands of cigarette holders with filters, many companies have started manufacturing them. Unlike the previous century, cigarette holders with filters are no longer just in use by the females but also by the males.

Are our cigarette holders still in vogue?

Cigarette holders with filters are now in vogue. The usage of holders without filters is no longer in fashion these days. People are now focused on buying and using cigarette holders which have filters. Because holders with filters tend to create little mess and are less toxic when compared with the usual cigarette holders, that are the reason, people now prefer to buy holders with filters.

Cigarette holders were used previously as a token of fashion, ease, and smoking facilitation by ladies but now, they are being used by males too. Cigarette holders are made up of different materials including plastic, or any other metal coating. The more expensive the material is, the more expensive the price of the holder goes.

Without filters in the holders, more ash and smoke are created which disturbs the passive smokers and create an unethical environment for those who don’t smoke. So, if you are a smoker and don’t want to annoy those standing beside you, you can use cigarette holders with filters. The filters in these holders clean and reduce the amount of ash. Also, the smoke is reduced to a certain extent.

Cigarette holders with filters can be cheap if made of mere plastic but mostly they are used by the rich smokers, expensive metals are used to lure the buyers. These expensive metals include silver, amber, and even gold in certain cases. People prefer to go for cigarette holders which have moderate material and which are not injurious to health. Specific metal-made orders are available mostly on demand. The companies which deal in expensive cigarette holders tend to take orders first before manufacturing them.

The health hazards associated with cigarettes are not hidden from anyone but still, there are millions of smokers around the world. Cigarettes of millions of worth are sold every day for soothing the smokers. The companies which deal with making cigarettes tend to keep on adding new flavors or try to renovate them by changing their color textures or packaging to attract customers. Similar is the case with cigarette holders.

Cigarette holders were initially developed as a trademark to be used by the ladies so that they may have ease of smoking. Cigarette holders were used to reduce the ash falling on the clothes of females specifically. But later on, it became the fashion to use holders while smoking. These days cigarette holders are not only used for holding cigarettes but also for cigars.

Holders are now used by males too and they tend to even have them with more decoration. As smoking is not the game of the poor, the holders are developed to attract rich customers. Expensive ornaments like amber, silver, and metals are used to lure the rich smokers so that they may use them while smoking. Some of the expensive holders are made to order and are ordered by the rich of course.

Smoking is not good for health but still, many companies are running their businesses by making cigarettes. People know that smoking shouldn’t be done still, but they do it. To facilitate such smokers, cigarette holders with and without filters are developed. People prefer to buy cigarette holders with filters because this filter reduces the ash and the smoke while smoking.

We hope that you have found enough information about cigarette holders. Though holders without filters are not common these days, still they are used by smokers around the world.

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