Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Maintenance

 Tips: Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Cigarette rolling machines have revolutionized the smoking world and changed the traditional method of rolling tobacco-containing cigarettes, which was too time-consuming and difficult. Now, with advancements in engineering and technology, companies offer both manual and electric cigarette rolling machines.

If you are a smoker who enjoys this habit, electric cigarette rolling machines could be the best choice for you. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on pre-made cigarette packages, nor do you need to waste precious time rolling cigarettes manually. The machines companies offer can make a perfect tobacco cigarette in seconds. All you need to do is press a button, and a fine-smoking product is ready for you. However, one thing to consider is that like other machines, electric cigarette rolling machines require regular maintenance to provide you with optimal service and give you a perfect roll-your-own cigarette.

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  Why is proper maintenance of cigarette rolling machines important?
  • Every electronic equipment needs proper maintenance to perform at its maximum capacity, and electric cigarette rolling machines are no exception. Here are some problems you might face if you neglect to maintain your cigarette rolling machine:
  •  The lifespan of the machine decreases if you do not care for it properly.
  • The parts of the machine frequently jam without proper cleaning and lubrication.
  •  Tobacco residues stuck in the nozzle and chamber should be cleaned, or the machine will produce undesired noises.
  •  Jamming may occur if the machine is exposed to water and rain.
  • In addition to maintenance, you should also store the cigarette rolling machines in a proper place

What are the maintenance tips for cigarette rolling machines?

In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on maintaining a cigarette rolling machine to increase its lifespan. Like all other electronic devices, electric cigarette rolling machines require care and attention to perform their best. Here are some tips and tricks to follow:

  •  Cleaning and Lubrication Tips 

Cleaning and lubrication make your machine run smoothly without producing noise or jamming. Let’s discuss it briefly:

a. Cleaning Tips:

To enjoy a good cigarette, you need to clean dirt and debris accumulated on different parts of the machine. If you do not clean it at least once a week, your gadget might become overheated and exhausted.

I. Clean the hopper:

Many machines offer a hopper attached on top. Hoppers contain maximum tobacco in their space so that 10 to 15 cigarettes can be filled. However, cleaning it is also important as residues accumulate in its bottom and block the passage of remaining tobacco.
To clean it:
• Take out the hopper from the machine.
• Rotate it so that any accumulated dirt or debris will fall off.
• Blow inside it to remove remaining particles.
• You can also clean it using a small piece of wet cloth, an alcoholic swap, or a brush provided with machine accessories.


II. Clean the injector:

The best way to clean the injector and injector area is by using a brush provided by electric cigarette rolling machines. The bristles of the brush remove all the tobacco residues. All you need to do is gently wipe out the particles and blow them out so that loose tobacco will be removed from the injector surface.

III. Clean the roller:

Do not leave the gears and rollers uncleaned. Rollers have direct contact with tobacco after releasing it from the tobacco chamber. So, their primary duty means they are at great danger of becoming jammed if tobacco residues remain here.
If you want a detailed cleaning or the rollers are jammed and fail to rotate the injector, then you must unscrew the machine and clean the roller. However, cleaning once a week does not demand such thorough processes. You just have to use a brush and gently wipe out the residues and debris using it. All the uncertain particles will be removed through it 

IV. Cleaning the electric components:

Electric components, including the switch, power button, and wire, should also not be dirty. If dirt accumulates in the power button, it will not respond to current and will not power ON. Also, the switch, port, and wire should not be exposed to dirt. Moreover, you should be careful regarding damp surfaces to avoid rust.
What is the significance of cleaning the electric cigarette rolling machine?
Every cigarette machine has its mechanism, which is slightly different from other ones. No matter which model and company you are relying upon, if you do not look after the machine, it will start jamming and cracking. Undesired noise is also a symbol that your machine requires maintenance, or it will refuse to work for you. Like other electronic machines, if you want to improve the life expectancy of these gadgets, then cleaning them often at least once a week is quite significant as uncleaned products fail to do their work efficiently.

b. Lubrication

After a thorough cleaning of the machine, you must lubricate its parts for smooth and fast working. Almost every metal needs lubrication to avoid jamming and cramping. For this, we primarily rely on two lubricants, which are:
Oil lubricants: Oil lubricants come directly from plants. It is a thin liquid that we use on types of machinery for their proper working. A good oil lubricant must contain minerals and synthetics. Also, it should not be toxic.

What are the benefits of lubricating electric cigarette rolling machines?


The best oil lubricants we suggest in this regard are:
• Mobil Lubricants.
• Medallion Plus.
• Castrol Lubricants.
Grease lubricants: Grease lubricants are solid and semisolid matter that comes after the thickening of oil by different agents. The lubricant is best for metallic parts of electric cigarette rolling machines to run it smoothly.

What are the top brands of grease lubricants?

• TotalEnergies SE.
• Exxon Mobil Corporation.
• Valvoline Inc
How to lubricate different parts of an electric cigarette rolling machine?
All metallic moving parts need lubrication. To lubricate them, you have to unscrew these parts. We recommend you use a dropper in this regard to reach out to the difficult areas of the machine. This makes your machine run smoothly and effectively.

Some specific parts to lubricate are:

• Rollers
• Gears
• Screws and nuts
• The attachment point of the hopper

What are the benefits of lubricating electric cigarette rolling machines?

Some benefits of lubricating electric equipment, such as electric cigarette rolling machines, are:

Less friction between moving parts:

To avoid any disruption in moving parts, you have to apply lubricant. It will reduce friction so that you will bear no noise and cracks in your cigarette-making machine.

Prevention from corrosion:

Lubricants also make your machine resistant to corrosion and rust. So, the efficiency and life expectancy of the gadget increase dramatically.

Temperature control:

Besides preventing the electric cigarette rolling machine from rust and friction, it also tries to cool down the objects so they will not overheat and damage them.


After preventing from the abovementioned disasters, the efficiency of the machine surely enhances. You will find a fair improvement in the machine’s working after applying a good lubricant to it.

How often should you lubricate an electric cigarette rolling machine?

You don’t have to lubricate the machine with oil or grease on a daily basis. However, lubricating it with mineral oils or engine oils once every two weeks is perfect for the ideal functioning of your machine.
In addition to this weekly or monthly maintenance of an electric cigarette rolling machine, you should take care of the machine right after rolling your cigarette.

keep your machine dry and free of debris:

To keep your machine working well, follow the below-mentioned steps for using the rolling machine carefully:
Avoid moisture and debris: Don’t store the machine without clearing the debris as initially, they are loosely attached to the parts of the machine and can be wiped away by gentle brushing or blowing out. However, if they remain for a prolonged period, they become tightly stuck to the parts and cause jamming. Moisture is strictly prohibited for electric types of equipment. Even the manual script instructs the users to avoid moisture. Therefore, one should always avoid water near the rolling machine and avoid damp places. Wet hands can also be dangerous for the normal functioning of your machine.

Clean the machine after use:


Use a piece of cloth to clean after one trial of the machine. This will remove additional dust or dirt particles. A wet piece of cloth or a few drops of alcohol would be best in this regard.

Store your machine properly:

After utilizing and cleaning the machine, store it safely for further use. You should care about the following things:
• Do not store it without a cover box as dirt on it can damage the moving parts.
• Try not to place it in damp, wet areas, or near moisture as this will affect or stop the working of your machine.
• Always store it in a safe place, not reachable to your kids, and not a place where there is always a danger of it falling to the floor.

B. Check the screws and nuts:

Make sure the screws and nuts are properly tightened, and each moving part is fixed properly. If not, take a screwdriver and tighten the nuts. Remember to be careful as too tightened nuts will not allow the moving parts to move properly. Similarly, loose parts will gradually detach from the machine, and debris accumulates in that part.

Jamming of electric cigarette rolling machines:


Electric cigarette rolling machines frequently jam and do not respond after pressing the button or stretching the lever.

Why does an electric cigarette rolling machine jam?

Several reasons can cause an electric cigarette rolling machine to jam, such as:
• The tobacco you are using is too dry or too wet.
• Tobacco may deposit into the nuts and gaps of the machine.
• The injector may be bent or broken.

How to unjam the electric cigarette rolling machine?

To unjam the machine, we have to root out its jamming causes.
Do not use pipe tobacco as it is too dense and wet that the machine does not support it. Always try to use leaf tobacco for proper functioning and quality rolling of your cigarette.
Make sure the nuts and gaps between moving parts of your machine are not accumulated by debris as it causes the malfunction of your gadget.
If the nozzle or injector is not okay (slightly bent or broken), then your machine will not work properly and start jamming. In this case, you should replace your machine with a good one. Similarly, if the tamper is out of alignment, your machine does not fill the cigarette at the proper angle. So, you need to clear the nozzle for proper alignment.

What are the top electric cigarette rolling machines available in the market?

The market is overflowing with different brands of electric cigarette rolling machines that offer a variety of options including manual and electronic cigarette machines. Here, we are giving you the top options for electronic cigarette rolling machines:

Brand name: Powermatic

Powermatic Machines 2 Plus Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine.
Powermatic 3 Plus Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines.
Powermatic 4 Plus Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines.

Brand name: Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine


Brand name: Hawk Matic

Jiju Powerful III Generation Hawk Matic Cigarette.
Hawk Matic HK2 Machine.  

What are the electric cigarette rolling machine accessories?

Electric cigarette rolling machine manufacturing companies offer accessory tools that complete your product. These include:
Charger: To charge the gadget before using it. Some machines do not have chargers; instead, they offer a switch to plug in for the proper current connection.
Brush: The brush comes in different sizes according to the machines. It is used for cleaning purposes and can wipe out the debris present in small and unapproachable parts.
Rod: It is used to compress the tobacco tightly in the chamber so that it fills evenly. A stirring rod is not offered by many brands.

Where can you replace the electric cigarette rolling machine accessories?

Multiple online stores provide electronic cigarette machine tools. Here is a list of the best smoker accessories selling stores:
• Smokers Outline
• Planet RYO
• Eshop Smokeshop
• Sam’s Club
• Walmart
• Target



Cigarette rolling machines are indeed a great revolution in the smoking world that offer cheaper and more consistent smoking habits. Moreover, you are allowed to use tobacco of your own will along with flavored filler tubes. Yet, maintaining it is quite important and somehow tricky, to be honest. However, we have given you thorough instructions in this regard. We hope the article will be informational for you. So, share it with your friends so they can benefit from it

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