The Top Types of Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines for Perfectly Rolled Cigarettes

Crafting cigarettes has become increasingly popular due to the multiple benefits it offers smokers. Roll-your-own cigarettes are highly economical and allow you to customize tobacco flavors for a fresh, high-quality smoking experience. Making your own cigarettes through an electric cigarette rolling machine is a fun activity that every smoker can enjoy. However, since it is a completely new gadget, one should have sufficient knowledge regarding the specificity, prices, and features of a particular machine to avoid a bad experience.

Here, in this informative article, you will be provided with thorough information regarding the top best electric cigarette rolling machines. We will also give the pros and cons of each machine so that you will not be confused when purchasing a worthy cigarette rolling machine. We will provide readers with a detailed introduction to each category of cigarette rolling machine, so stay tuned with us until the last word.

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 Hawk-Matic HK2 Electric Cigarette Injector

Poweroll 2 Electric Cigarette Machine – King Size & 100mm

The Poweroll 2 by Top-O-Matic is an electric cigarette injector that can make both king size and 100mm cigarettes. The unit includes a dust brush, nozzle brush, clearing rod, 120V AC adapter, a tamper. Covered by a one year warranty.


  Types of Cigarette Rolling Machines

Companies offer a variety of cigarette rolling machines ranging from simple cigarette rollers and injectors to advanced electronic machines. You will fancy knowing about the functions of each gadget.

Types of Automatic/Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines

Whenever you hear about roll-your-own cigarettes or cigarette crafting, you imagine the electric cigarette rolling machines that are simple to use and advanced in their work. The electric cigarette rolling machine pays off its cost, and multiple smokers rely on them due to their efficiency and fast cigarette-making process. Using it is just a single-button game. All you have to do is attach the cigarette to the injector, press the button, and Tadaaaa! Your fine-rolled cigarette is ready to burn and mesmerize you.

Top 3 Best Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machines

Here are the top 3 brands and their automatic cigarette rolling machines to facilitate their customers.

 I. Powermatic 3 Plus Machine


This machine is a significant addition to the Powermatic series. It offers you unique features along with its strong gears and vast tobacco holding capacity. The machine is worth noting in the smoking world.

  • Powermatic 3 plus machine facilitates multi-sized crafted cigarettes, including king-size and 100mm.
  • Have electronic jam protection to avoid any inconvenience.
  • The digital display of cigarette counts and desired cigarette density (a new feature that was not present in previous versions).
  •  Spoon-fed style injector.
  •  Use 120volt ac power.
  •  Have a large hopper to store tobacco for 30 plus cigarettes.
  •  A cleaning kit and other accessories are included.[/su_box]

Dimension: 11.5 x 7 x 8

Weight: 7 pounds

Price: $198 W

arranty: One year or 20,000 cigarettes.

pros Cons
Machine features an automatic working process and does not require any lever or elbow grease to fill a cigarette tube The product is highly expensive for a mediocre
Have a large storage capacity so you don’t need to fill the hopper with tobacco frequently.
The machine provides you with electronic jam protection.
Do not fill more than one cigarette at a time
The digital display tells the numeric data regarding the density of tobacco and the number of cigarettes Always require electricity

II. Powermatic 4 machines:


It is the advanced type of Powermatic 2 machine that offers you a large hopper to contain the maximum amount of tobacco inside it. The product uses a handle to inject the appropriate amount of tobacco inside the cigarette tube. The gadget also features an accessory kit.

  • Can make both king-size and 100mm in seconds.
  • Big hopper to facilitate the capacity to accommodate maximum tobacco inside it.
  • Tobacco should not be damp or it will cause jamming.
  • Gives you a 1-year warranty.
  • Use the 100ac volts to run

Dimension:10.71 x 8.62 x 3.43 inches

Weight: 1.16 Kilograms

Price: 70 dollars

pros Cons
Contains a big hopper to attain the vast amount of tobacco. So, you can fill up to 30 cigarettes at a time. Having no jamming protection
Uses less voltage than Powermatic 3 plus machine Do not support damp or too-dry tobacco
Can make both king-size and 100 mm cigarettes within seconds Have a lever instead of a button

III. Top-o-matic Poweroll 2 machine:


This machine takes your smoking hobby to the next level. The machine is considered to be a great choice if you are serious about avoiding pre-rolled factory-made cigarettes. It also gives you a cleaning kit along with other accessories. The machine is an entirely single-touch product and easy to use. Having a hard metallic body makes it a strong and reliable product.

  • Offers you both king-size and 100mm cigarettes in seconds.
  • Additional accessories include a cleaning brush, a stirrer rod, a dust brush, a nozzle brush, and a 120ac volt adapter.
  • The tobacco chamber contains tobacco to fill one or two cigarettes.
  • Have a single button to operate or fill the rolling tube with loose tobacco.

Dimension: 7.36 x 6.81 x 4.21 inches;
Weight: 3.86 pounds
Price: 119 dollars

pros Cons
On/Off switch make it comfortable and easy to use. The machine is inexpensive as compared to the previous machines.
Have a jam indicator to avoid jamming. Requires electricity to use; also can add some cost to your electricity bills
The cleaning kit makes it easy to remove tobacco residues from the outside and inside of the machine Hopper is not present to make extra space for tobacco leaf.

Which is the fastest cigarette rolling machine?
Almost all electronic cigarette machines can make a fine cigarette in a second. However, there is a new product in the market known as the E3 matic electric cigarette rolling machine, which allows its user to get three cigarettes at a time. The product is unique and available at a reasonable price. Therefore, users can now make three cigarettes by pressing a single button at a time.

Types of manual cigarette rolling machines:

If you are interested in making roll-your-own cigarettes economically, then you should consider manual cigarette rolling machines as the best option. These machines are suitable for making fine-rolled cigarettes easily without using electricity, but they require manual work. All you have to do is push a lever, and the injector will fill your cigarette finely with tobacco. Moreover, the rates of manual cigarette rolling machines are reasonable to purchase.

Top 3 best manual cigarette rolling machines in 2023:

To buy a workable good machine, you have to get some information regarding the brand and price of a certain product. Also, you have to acknowledge some specific features of the machine. Here we are presenting you with the top three-ranked manual cigarette rolling machines in 2023.

I. Powermatic 1 machine:

Editor’s Pick

Powermatic 1 machine


  • Manual cigarette rolling machine
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Enables easy DIY cigarette production


The Powermatic 1 machine is a great manual item for making a precise cigarette using tobacco. The machine works by sliding the lever vertically to give you a finely crafted cigarette that is not too packed or too loose.


  •  Does not have a separate space to make king-size and 100 mm cigarettes. You simply have to place more   tobacco in the chamber to make a 100 mm cigarette.
  •  Titanium-plated blade ensures the cutting of large pieces of tobacco.
  •  Has a vertical sliding lever operation.
  •  The machine can easily handle cut, moistured, and sticky tobacco products, making it more reputable.
  •  Ensures a one-year warranty.

Special features:

Dimensions: 3.15 x 3.94 x 0.2 inches;
Weight: 3.09 pounds
Price: $55

II. Gambler red king-size machine:


This machine is well renowned due to its red color. It offers you a king-size finely rolled cigarette that is neither too loose nor too tight and easy to burn. The product is highly economical and easy to use. This tabletop machine works by pushing a lever.


  •  Makes king-size cigarettes easily.
  •  Has a lever operating system that gives you a good cigarette by sliding it once.
  •  Has a small cigarette chamber to fill limited tobacco according to one tube. 

Special features:

Dimensions: 8 x 11.25 x 2.75 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Price: $30

III. Premium Supermatic machine:


This new addition to the smoking world is noteworthy. It has become a favorite choice of many smokers who want to make their cigarettes at less cost. The machine includes a rubber pad that allows for a better grip on the table. You can make cigarettes easily using this Premium Supermatic machine, even if you are not an expert. A single lever works to give you a good-filled cigarette.


  •  Can roll both king-size and 100mm cigarettes.
  •  Has an elbow grease lever operation to make a cigarette.
  •  The metallic body is sturdy and easy to carry.
  •  The rubber pads have a good grip on the surface, so they will not move while sliding the lever.
  •  Manufacturers provide a one-year warranty.

Special features:

Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches
Weight: 1.56 kilograms
Price: $30 to $50

pros Cons
These machines are less costly and make a cigarette within a second using a lever Lever sliding demands some force, so hard to use for smokers having joint problems
Have good durability and a perfect gadget to make domestic-level cigarettes Many manual cigarette machines do not contain accessories.
The products are easy to handle, lightweight, and convenient to use. The tobacco chamber is too small, so you have to refill it again and again.
No electricity is required to operate them, and no additional bills are added after using them Do not contain a hopper to add extra tobacco to it
Most of them can make both king-size and 100 mm cigarettes Have no jam protection mechanism
The metallic body ensures its sturdiness

What are tabletop cigarette rolling machines?

Many people prefer tabletop cigarette rolling machines that are easy to adjust to their table and have a strong grip to prevent movement while pressing the lever or button. To purchase a  you must consider the rubber pads at the bottom of the machine, which will attach firmly to your table. Here is a list of the best tabletop machines.

The list of the best tabletop cigarette rolling machines:

  1.  Top-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine
  2.  Powermatic 2 Plus electric cigarette injector
  3.  Hawkmatic HK2 electric cigarette injector
  4.  Powermatic Mini Precious manual cigarette rolling machine
  5.  LUCYCAZ cigarette rolling machine
  6.  Premier Twin cigarette injector machine
  7.  Gambler Tube Cut tabletop cigarette making machine

What are portable cigarette rolling machines?
If you are a next-level smoker and cannot avoid your smoking habit at any place or any cost, you must have a portable cigarette rolling machine to enjoy a fresh tobacco cigarette anywhere. In the smoking world, there is a variety of portable cigarette rolling machines. A good portable machine must be lightweight, small, and easy to carry. Here is a list of some cigarette rolling machines that feature such characteristics.

 The list of the top best portable cigarettes in 2023:
  •  Zig-Zag 100mm rolling machine – 1 unit
  •  Wezest automatic rolling machine
  •  RAW natural cone filling machine
  •  GERUI electric cigarette automatic rolling machine
  •  E3 matic rolling machine
  •  NEWTRY automatic cigarette rolling machine
  • Best places in the USA to buy cigarette rolling machines:
  • Eshop Smoke Shop
  • Planet RYO
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Smokers Online


If yoIu have read this article until the end, you have undoubtedly found it informative. We have compiled a list of different categories of cigarette rolling machines along with their pros and cons. Different machines have specific features that make them notable. This blog provides thorough knowledge of cigarette rolling machines. Read it carefully and share it with your family and friends so they can benefit from it.