Manual cigarette rolling machine

Manual cigarette rolling machine

Pre-made cigarettes are getting older to satisfy smokers, as the method is more traditional and expensive than rolling your own cigarette. Nevertheless, currently, customers are relying on cigarette rolling machines to make perfect RYO cigs. In this way, again, companies are ready to provide their customers with magnificent products to make fine tobacco-rolled cigarettes. Due to their credibility and less costliness, they won the customer’s hearts. The prime reason behind such a massive turn towards cigarette rolling machines is the drastic increase in taxes on pre-made cigarette packages. So, after relying on Roll-your-own cigarettes, one can increase or decrease the number of cigarettes and the quantity of tobacco inside them. By using electric and manual cigarette rolling machine, one can make both king-size and 100mm cigarettes. Moreover, they also have an advanced feature to create multiple cigarettes by pressing a single button or pushing a lever.

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Generally, we consider two types of machines that are worth buying, according to many smokers. These are:

  • Electric/automatic cigarette rolling machines
  • Manual cigarette rolling machine

Both have a good reputation in the market. Here, in this article, we will discuss the manual cigarette rolling machine and guide you on which one is better for you.

Top manual cigarette rolling machine

Here we will discuss some of the top and best manual cigarette rolling machines:

Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machines

Product Description

The manual cigarette rolling machine has made its space in the market due to its efficiency and working capability. One can make a fine roll-your-own cigarette by using this gadget. You are allowed to make several cigarettes in a short period. Its shiny metallic body prevents it from breaking.

Speciality of the product

  • Have elbow grease to move, and the cigarette tube becomes filled with leaf tobacco.
  • You are allowed to make king-size and 100 mm cigarettes with it.
  • 20 to 25 cigarettes can be made within two minutes.
  • Too dry and too wet tobacco can cause jamming.

Additional information for this manual cigarette rolling machine:

Dimension:12 x 6 x 8 inches
Weight: 3.42 Pounds
Price: 15 to 20 dollars

Advantages Of Buy Top-O-Matic Machine
This manual machine enriches you with multiple cigarettes in less than one minute
The product is affordable.
Do not create undesirable noise
Can make king-size as well as 100mm cigarettes using different injectors.

Powermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Description of Product

This machine belongs to a reputable brand so its credibility increases dramatically. The gadget is easy to use and clean. This manual cigarette machine has a lever to pull down so the cigarette tobacco will be filled in the tube.
Moreover, the machine is made of stainless steel, rarely exposed to rust and corrosion.

What’s Special About This Product

  • Can make king-size and 100mm cigarettes in a few seconds.
  • Lever grease is easy to push and restore to its original position automatically.
  • Rarely jams if excess tobacco deposits on the injector or nozzle.
  • 15 to 30 cigarettes can be made in 2 to 3 minutes using it.

Additional information to purchase the product:

Dimension of the product = 8″L x 10″ W
Weight of machine= 3.09 Pounds
Price of the product = 54 dollars

Why Buy a Powermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine
Powermatic 1 machine gives you an accessories kit which includes a stirrer rod and a brush for compressing the rolling tobacco and cleaning the residues respectively.
The machine is less costly and easy to carry.
The product is made up of metal that is hard to break and rarely exposed to stains or rust.
The injector allows you to fill cigarettes with both king-size and standard-size cigarettes.[/su_box]

Mikromatic Cigarette Rolling Machine by OCB 

Product Description

This machine is too easy to handle and can make multiple cigarettes in one minute using a lever. The lever is easy to use and makes fast, perfect cigarettes in seconds. The fast lever action enters the injection into the filler tube and fills it with a suitable amount of tobacco.
The product comes in an attractive design of the metallic body and can make king-size and extra sleeve tobacco on user’s demand.

Product Speciality

  • Both extra sleeves and king-sized cigarettes can be manufactured using a Mikromatic manual cigarette rolling machine.
  • Have a shiny metallic body and comes in an attractive design.
  •  made for daily use.
  • The way of action is the lever that is easy to turn.
  • Frequently jams if suitable tobacco is not used.

Additional information to purchase the product:

Dimension or product = 7.09 x 7.09 x 3.94 inches
Weight of product=0.035 ounces
Price of product= 74 dollars

Why Buy a Mikromatic Rolling Machine
Powermatic cigarette rolling machine 1 or Mikromatic manual cigarette rolling machine gives you an accessories kit which includes a stirrer rod and a brush for compressing the rolling tobacco and cleaning the residues respectively.
The machine is less costly and easy to carry.
The product is made up of metal that is hard to break and rarely exposed to stains or rust.
The injector allows you to fill cigarettes with both king-size and standard-size cigarettes

Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine Vs Electric Machine 

Manual cigarette rolling machines

Electric cigarette rolling machines

  • The machine contains a lever or elbow grease to fill cigarettes using an injector.
  • The machine is easy to use due to the single button utilization. So they can easily fill a cigarette by pressing its button.
  • Machines are hard to use due to the lever, which demands some force to operate
  • The machines are expensive so one can hardly manage to purchase them.
  • The machines are cheap and give the same work as electronic machines give
  • Ashtray comes with almost all products to manage the upcoming cigarettes and loose tobacco residues
  • Having no ashtray to catch the cigarettes
  • The gadget is advanced and requires no manual power to operate them.
  • Mostly have jamming problems due to the deposition of tobacco
  • Some advanced electronic machines can make 4 to 5 cigarettes at once.
  • Is an old gadget and cannot allow you to make 4 to 5 cigarettes at the same time
  • Also, it makes some undesired noise when you press the button to fill the tobacco product inside the tube

What Are Cigarette Rollers  

Cigarette rollers are manual gadgets to make roll-your-own cigarettes. However, these are not machines rather we called them rollers as they contain two rails to rotate filter paper over tobacco. The major difference between manual cigarette rolling machines and cigarette rollers is the rolling methods. Cigarette rollers use rolling paper that has to be rolled while machines use pre-rolled filter papers made by companies. Here are some easy tips for using cigarette rollers

Step 1:

Adjust your roller to the down position so a gap will be created where you can spread tobacco easily.

Step 2:

Adjust the filter firmly so that there will be no space left between the edge and the filter. Rotate the filter so that it will adjust finely.

Step 3:

Now place a sufficient amount of tobacco in the middle of the rails. Don’t take excess tobacco or your cigarette will be too packed.

Step 4:

Now spread the scooped tobacco evenly throughout the space so no concentration would be left on one side. Otherwise, your biased distribution of tobacco will tear the filter paper from any side..

Step 5:

Now click the roller into the up position and rotate the rails. This up-clicking of the roller will secure the tobacco. Now rotate the rollers so that the tobacco will be placed in its proper position.

Step 6:

Before placing the filter paper between the rollers, you need to spin the rollers using both the thumbs and index finger. This step makes your tobacco smoother adjust it accordingly. Made a complete round of 360 degrees of rails using my thumb and index finger..

Step 7:

Now place the roller paper, vertically between the rollers. The adhesive end should be facing upward, toward you.

Step 8:

Press the rollers firmly and start spinning them using your thumb and index fingers. Continue to spin until the adhesive end sticks to the other one firmly

Step 9:

Now rotate until the sticky end approaches the other end. Slight moisture can activate the adhesion of the sticky part. So, lick the adhesive part slightly.

Step 10:

Shing the rotation, press the roller down to open the chamber and easily remove your finely crafted tobacco cigarette. If the cigarette is unevenly distributed, then try again. It might take a few days to make a good cigarette.

Best Cigarette Rollers To Purchase

  1. RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine
  2. Zig-Zag Premium Cigarette Roller – 78mm
  3. RAW Roller Eco Plastic 2 Way Adjustable 110mm King Size Rolling Machine
  4. RAW Phatty 125 mm Crystal Clear Tripple Strength Cigarette Rolling Paper Machine
  5. ZIG-ZAG 70mm Easy Handroll Cigarette Tobacco roller


The main perspective of writing this article is to shift the traditional smoking way towards advanced cigarette rolling machines. The article has given a thorough detail regarding cigarette rolling machines including manual and electronic gadgets. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Also, share it with your community so one can benefit from it.

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