How to Choose Between Electric and Manual Cigarette Rolling Machines

Individuals who find it difficult to quit smoking due to inflation and increased taxation on cigarette packets may find cigarette rolling machines to be a feasible substitute. Cigarette rolling devices, similar to other apparatus, are commercially available in various options, manufacturers, and varieties. By providing exhaustive information on the highest quality cigarette rolling machines on this site, you will possess every piece of knowledge necessary to make an informed decision between manual and automatic models.
Several factors, including daily cigarette consumption, desired cigarette roll-to-output (RYO) tempo, and desired simplicity, influence an individual consumer’s selection of an ideal cigarette rolling machine. By carefully considering these particular attributes and functionalities of a rolling machine, an individual can discern the most appropriate product that corresponds to their preferences.

ZIG-ZAG Rolling Papers 100mm Rolling Machine 1 Unit

This sophisticated Premium 100MM Zig-Zag 2-Way Cigarette Rolling Machine sets a new tobacco rolling machine industry standard. By applying this roller, an individual can achieve a degree of proficiency and uniformity that exceeds the capacities of the traditional manual rolling method. Ensuring the consistent production of cigarette rolls of impeccable quality contributes to an optimal smoking experience marked by minimal exertion and inefficient utilization of resources.

Types Of Rolling Machines

Roll-your-own tobacco cigarettes are regarded as a more cost-effective and dependable alternative to pre-made cigarettes when it comes to satisfying smokers’ cravings. For this, companies offer two types of electric cigarette rolling machines:

  1. Manual cigarette rolling machines
  2. Electric cigarette rolling machines

Let’s have a cursory glance at both.

Manual Cigarette Rolling Machines

Smokeshops offer multiple manual tube fillers that are easy to use and make a quick roll-your-own cigarette for you. A diverse range of smoking apparatus is available, each of which can be utilised to produce a unique variety of cigarettes, such as 100mm, king-size, and single-size cigarettes. Before reaching a purchase determination, it is advisable to recognise that manual cigarette rolling devices are available in two separate varieties.


The tool does not create any problems while filling the sticky paper. However, you are not allowed to make different sizes of tobacco cigarettes.

Steps to use Injector

  • Take a standard-size cigarette tube.
  • Fill the chamber of the machine with tobacco evenly.
  • Now attach the tube with the nozzle.
  • Press the button or stretch back the handle (different injectors have different ways) to fill the tube with sufficient tobacco.

Benefits of Using Injector

  • Time-saving, make a perfect cigarette in a few seconds.
  • Does not demand skills or tricks to roll your cigarette.
  • Less costly than cigarette packs. Do not allow you to make different sizes of cigarettes. Have a standard-sized injector and you are bound to use that particular size.


Rollers have become the choice of many smokers due to the simplicity they offer to users. They allow for the creation of different sizes of tobacco cigarettes depending on your preference. However, using a roller can be somewhat tricky and requires some skill.

Steps How to use a Thumb Roller

  • Take the cigarette rolling paper of the desired size.
  • Click the roller up to create a chamber.
  • Evenly insert the tobacco between the rollers in the chamber.
  • Press the tobacco so that it spreads evenly.
  • Click the roller down to close the chamber.
  • Insert the paper between the rollers.
  • Begin rolling the rollers using your thumb and index finger so that the paper starts to roll.
  • End the rolling process when both ends of the rolling paper meet and stick together.
  • Press the roller up to remove the finely made cigarette from the chamber.

Benefits of Using Roller

  • Allows the user to make different sizes of cigarettes.
  • Take a few seconds to make perfect tobacco cigarettes.
  • Cheap source of making roll-your-own cigarettes Using it is somehow tricky and demands skill to make perfect cigarettes using rolling papers.
  • The sticky part might become bad to stick properly after filling tobacco inside it.

Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

The second type of cigarette rolling machine is electric and automatic. You have to fill the tobacco chamber and attach the rolling paper. After pressing the button, the machine will generate a finely wrapped tobacco cigarette. The machine is somewhat costly but worth using as it saves much time and effort, and you get cigarettes effortlessly.

Electric and Manual Cigarette Rolling Machine Brands 

Different brands offer multiple cigarette rolling machines. However, among them, the most well-renowned machines are:

  • Powermatic cigarette rolling machines
  • Topomatic cigarette rolling machines
  • GERUI cigarette rolling machines

Each of these brands offers both manual and electric cigarette rolling machines. Let’s discuss the top-ranked machines among them.

Powermatic I Machine (Manual)

The machine is best for domestic cigarette-making use. The machine offers you an injector that fills the tube after pressing the lever. The machine works mechanically and does not need electricity for its use. Powermatic is a well-reputed brand and never disappoints the customer’s faith.

How to Use Powermatic I Machine

  •  Insert the filler tube into the nozzle.
  • Spread the tobacco in the chamber evenly.
  • Now move the lever with some force in the opposite direction. The nozzle will inject the loose tobacco inside the tube.
Special Features
  •  Nature of Machine: Manual.
  •  Number of Cigarettes: One cigarette at a time.
  •  Way of Operation: By using a lever.
  •  Speed of Cigarette: Can make 20 plus cigarettes in 4 to 5 minutes.
  •  Size of Cigarette: King-size and 100mm.

Powermatic 2 Plus Machine (Electric)

The Powermatic 2 Plus machine is a wonderful product in the world of cigarettes. The machine produces finely rolled cigarettes using a lever mechanism and operates with an electric motor, eliminating the need for manual operation. The finished product is neither too tight nor too loose, and the machine comes with cleaning accessories and a tray to catch the manufactured cigarette, which can also be used to contain tobacco residues.

How to Use the Powermatic 2 Plus Machine

  • To use the Powermatic 2 Plus machine, follow these steps:
  • Place the tube on the nozzle to fill it with tobacco.
  • Raise the lever handle.
  • Place the tobacco in the tobacco chamber.
  • Press the button to fill the tube.
  • The cigarette filled with tobacco will fall onto the ashtray.
  • Special Features:
  • Nature of Machine: Electronic
  • Number of Cigarettes: One cigarette at a time
  • Way of Operation: By using a lever
  • Speed of Cigarette: Can make 20 plus cigarettes in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Size of Cigarette: King-size and 100mm

Top O Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine (Manual)

The Topomatic brand ensures a clean and neat product for its customers. This manual machine requires some elbow grease to produce a fine cigarette, which may be tedious for those with joint problems. However, it produces perfectly filled cigarettes using rolling tobacco and rarely jams, providing a good tobacco product.

How to Use a Manual Top O Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Follow these steps to make a perfect cigarette using the Topomatic cigarette rolling machine:

  • Place your elbow grease on the upper lever.
  • Insert the cigarette tube into the nozzle.
  • Evenly spread the chamber with leaf tobacco and ensure that it fills the corners perfectly.
  • Stretch the elbow grease in the opposite direction. Your cigarette is now filled with tobacco.
  • Special Features:
  • Machine Type: Manual
  • Number of Cigarettes: One cigarette at a time Operation
  • Method: Using a lever or elbow grease
  • Cigarette Speed: Can produce 20 or more cigarettes in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Cigarette Size: King-size and 100mm

Top O Matic Machine (Electronic)

This product is not much different from the previous version. Apart from its operating button, the quality and performance are the same. The Topomatic Electronic Machine enables you to fill cigarette tubes without using a lever. Therefore, individuals with joint problems can use it to make cigarettes with ease.

How to Use Topomatic 2 Electronic Machine

  • Plug in the switch to use the Poweroll 2 Topomatic machine.
  • Press the "On" button to start the machine.
  • Evenly place the loose tobacco inside the chamber.
  • Attach the cigarette tube with the nozzle.
  • Press the button to fill the cigarette tube correctly.
Special Features

GEURI Cigarette Rolling Machine

If you need a fast, easy-to-carry, and affordable electric cigarette rolling machine, then look no further, as this product fulfils your demands. Equipping and using this product is quite easy and requires no special skills. It produces fine, worthy, and smooth cigarettes.

How to Use GEURI Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

  • Fill the chamber with sufficient tobacco.
  • Insert the tube into the nozzle.
  • Press the button so that the tobacco inserts inside the tube.
  • Machine Type: Electronic
  • Number of Cigarettes: One cigarette at a time
  • Operation Method: Button Press
  • Cigarette Speed: Can produce 20+ cigarettes per minute
  • Cigarette Size: King-size and 100mm


Cigarette rolling machines represent a significant revolution in the smoking world, providing less expensive cigarettes. Many companies offer excellent products in this regard. We have attempted to provide you with the maximum amount of information regarding cigarette rolling machines. Please share your thoughts on this topic and share the article with your friends so that they may benefit.

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