Electric cigarette rolling machines

Which Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines Is Best For You: A Comparison Guide.

Equipping electric cigarette rolling machines to craft cigarettes has become a trend nowadays due to their multiple benefits. People love to roll their own cigarettes in a minimum amount of time, saving them hundreds of dollars annually. Moreover, smoking traditional pre-made cigarettes does not offer the same variety of flavors and variable densities of tobacco inside the rolling paper. Similarly, other benefits it offers include crafting the cigarette in seconds, giving you an instant fresh cigarette, and allowing you to customize the size of your cigarette and the nature of the tobacco blend inside it.

Similarly, different brands offer their pre-made cigarettes along with their electric cigarette rolling machines, which come with different features to facilitate their customers. Yet, a complete guide is necessary for you, especially if you are new to the smoking world. There are mainly two categories of cigarette rolling machines:

I. Manual cigarette rolling machines (filling the cigarette with tobacco by sliding a lever)

II. Electric cigarette rolling machines (use electricity to fill cigarette tubes by pressing a button)

Top 5 Best Electric cigarette rolling machines

Here, in this blog, our prime purpose is to provide users with thorough information regarding electric cigarette rolling machines, their popular brands, and a comparison of their features.

Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Injector Machines:

Powermatic 2 plus cigarette injector machines


The Powermatic 2 plus machine is a perfect gadget to make RYO (roll your own) cigarettes using loose tobacco. The cigarette becomes ready in just a few seconds without any disturbance. The smooth lever operating mechanism works efficiently to satisfy a smoker’s demand. The company features a cigarette catching tray that can easily accommodate up to 10 cigarettes.

Key characteristics:

Here are the key characteristics of this amazing product.

Size of cigs: This allows you to make both king-size and 100 mm cigarettes.

Material: It has an improved gear speed and mechanism that makes it more worthy of use than its previous versions. Aluminium is used for the upper framework, making it more durable and less susceptible to breakage.

No. of cigs: It can manufacture one cigarette at a time without causing any disturbance inside its injector.

Time to craft a cigarette: It takes only 3 to 5 seconds to make a finely-crafted tobacco cigarette.

Jamming: It has fewer jamming issues as compared to its previous manual version, i.e., Powermatic 1.

Tobacco chamber space: The tobacco chamber is vast and has maximum space to adjust tobacco for 3 to 5 cigarettes.


The overall performance of this machine is excellent, and if you want a perfect budget electric cigarette rolling machine, then this would be the best option for you. You don’t have to fill the chamber with tobacco for each cigarette.

Editor’s Pick

Revolution Electric Cigarette Machine

Unlimited warranty with use of Natural Fresh Choice Tobacco. Parts are also available. Comes with external DC power cord. About the size of a common household toaster.

  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎18.3 x 12.5 x 12.4 inches
  • Package Weight ‎12.75 Pounds
  • Brand Name ‎Revolution
  • Country of Origin ‎United States


Powermatic 3 Plus Cigarette Machine

Powermatic 3 plus cigarette machine


This costly product pays off by offering many advanced features. Here, you can monitor the density and number of crafted cigarettes you have made, thanks to the digital screen. The hopper provides ample space for tobacco.

Cigarette size: The machine can make both regular-sized and king-sized cigarettes

Material: The gadget is robust and sturdy, with more weight and size compared to the previous product. Themachine is hard to damage as it is made of strong alloy.

Number of cigarettes: The machine can easily make one cigarette at a time, and the cigarette-making process is fast, with just the press of a button.

Time to craft a cigarette: It takes no more than a second to make one cigarette at a time.

Jamming: It has a pre-made jam protection mechanism that prevents any uncertainty, such as sticky, stubborn tobacco residue.

Tobacco chamber space: The chamber is vast due to the attachment of a hopper, and it can easily make up to 30 cigarettes with a single filling of loose tobacco


This bulky gadget guarantees high performance without jamming problems. You can make either loosely or tightly packed tobacco according to your preference, and the final product will have easy and consistent burning.[/su_box]

Powermatic 4 Plus Machine:


The Powermatic 4 machine is a great addition to the Powermatic series and is small in size, like previous Powermatic machines. The machine is easy to use and sturdy, making it hard to break. It takes only a second to craft a fine-rolled cigarette to burn. The key characteristics it depicts are as follows:

Cigarette size: Like many other electronic cigarette rolling machines, the Powermatic 4 is also capable of crafting both king-sized and 100mm cigarettes.

Material: Its credibility dramatically increases due to the hard plastic housing and alloy frame, which prevent it from breaking down even after a major jerk. Moreover, the titanium-plated compressor enhances its durability further. For smoother injection of tobacco inside the cigarette roll, it has a spoon track that makes the process even easier.

GERUI Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine:

The GERUI electric cigarette rolling machines is a great tool for travelers. It provides an instantaneous, pristine cigarette at any moment, is compact and portable. The process of rolling one’s own cigarettes (RYO) is so simple that even inexperienced individuals can competently execute it. In addition, an agitator rod and cleaning implement are included with this brand-new appliance. Here are the key characteristics of this amazing electronic device:

Key Characteristics:

Cigarette Size: The GERUI machine can craft both king-size and 100mm cigarettes easily.

Material: The machine is made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion.

Number of Cigarettes: The machine can make one cigarette in just a few seconds.

Time to Craft a Cigarette: It takes less than five seconds to craft a fresh cigarette to smoke.

Jamming: The machine experiences less jamming compared to other similar devices.

Tobacco Chamber Space: The machine has a small chamber space where tobacco for one cigarette can be stored.


Customers love this portable machine for its sturdiness and resistance to corrosion. [/su_note]

e3 Matic Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine:

The smoking world has been revolutionized with the E3 Matic machine, which has a special feature that allows you to craft three cigarettes within two seconds. This fast operating mechanism is worth buying, as it saves plenty of time. Additionally, being small in size, it is portable and can provide instant fresh cigarettes anytime, everywhere.

Key Characteristics:

Cigarette Size: The machine can make both king-size and 100mm cigarettes with the press of a single button.

Material: The upper body is made of plastic, while the injectors are usually metallic, like other machines.

Number of Cigarettes: The machine can craft three cigarettes at a time, which is a unique feature in the cigarette world.

Time to Craft a Cigarette: It takes less than two seconds to make three cigarettes at a time.

Jamming: The machine has no jam protection mechanism, which means sticky residues may get deposited.

Tobacco Chamber Space: The machine has no hopper, and the tobacco chamber is small, only containing loose tobacco for three cigarettes.


The E3 Matic machine does an excellent job without wasting much time. Another unique feature is that it is both an electronic and manual gadget, so you can operate it manually when you lack electricity. The cigarettes it produces are easy to burn, and neither too tightly packed nor too loose, making them worth smoking.

Features Powermatic 2 plus cigarette injector machines Powermatic 3 plus cigarette machine Powermatic 4 plus GERUI machine E3 matic electric cigarette rolling machine
Tobacco space: Features no hopper to hold extra space for tobacco A large hopper contain tobacco to fill upto 16 cigarettes. A large detachable hopper contains maximum space to accommodate tobacco for 30 cigarettes. Overall small, so the tobacco chamber is also small to contain tobacco for one or two cigarettes only. Small tobacco chamber having no hopper.
No. of cigarettes One cigarette at a time Craft one cigarette at a time Craft one cigarette only at one time. Make only one cigarette at a time. Can make upto 3 cigarette at a time.
Operating mechanism Lever operating mechanism Button pressing mechanism Lever operating mechanism Button pressing mechanism Small button needs to press for crafting 3 cigarettes at a time.
Gadget size Small and easy to carry Large in size, almost double as compared to powermatic 2 plus. Small and easy to handle. Small and portable. Small in size and easy to port.
Weight of gadget 2 pounds (lighter than all of them. 7 pounds (heavier than all of them) 2.25 pounds(light in weight) 3 pounds 2.5 pounds
Dimension of machine 10 x 4.5 x 7.25 inches 11.5 x 7 x 8 inches 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches 10.71 x 8.62 x 3.43 inches 11 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Jamm protection Less jams than previous version Have built in jam protection mechanism Have an electronic jam protection. Fewer jams No jam protection mechanism
  Sturdiness Strong and sleek having aluminium frame Strong and hard to break Sleek and strong, less corrosive. Madeup of corrosion resistant titanium plated compressor and aluminium frame   Stainless metallic frame having Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styreneade
Accessory kit Have cleaning brush and adapter. Cleaning brush, nozzle brush, rod   Cleaning brush, stirrer rod, adapter adapter, plugs, brush and stir bar.   No accessories included
Electric power supply 120v ac power 120v ac power 120v ac power 120v ac power 120v ac power
Performance   Have a precise cutter to cut tobacco. Count of cigarettes and density of tobacco shows up on digital screen. Motor and gear quality is good than old versions . Craft a small and precise tobacco cigarette. High motor functioning with less disturbance.
Price $89.99 $299. $85 15 dollars   $79.95
Warranty   1 year manufacturer warranty 1 year warranty 1-year manufacturer’s warranty   1 year warranty 90 days limit


Constraints and financial burdens accompany the daily purchase of pre-made cigarettes; thus, an electric cigarette rolling machine presents a convenient and uncomplicated substitute for satisfying one’s smoking inclination. The procurement of an electronic cigarette device could present a difficulty for an inexperienced consumer. That’s why here, we have featured a detailed analysis of each cigarette rolling machine. The article gives you the price, sturdiness, reliability, and capability of the top 5 electric cigarette rolling machines. We hope this will help you in the future. For more such interesting and informative blogs, visit our website. Also, share this masterpiece with your friends and enjoy the best RYO cigarette habit. You can also share your ideas in the comments below.

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