Top 8 Best Tobacco Brands to Make Roll-Your-Own Cigarettes

Nowadays, many tobacco companies are racing to produce different types of tobacco as more and more smokers focus on Roll-Your-Own (RYO) cigarettes rather than pre-made ones. Loose tobacco, also known as leaf or shred, has become popular due to its easy access and lower cost. It also allows smokers to get more or less nicotine and choose flavored or less dangerous tobacco.

There are many brands that produce a variety of leaf tobacco, but which one is best for you?

It is a question that many people want to know before buying pipe or loose tobacco. As a leading website, it is our prime duty to provide the best cigarette tobacco for RYO cigarettes. The best tobacco product is crucial for cigarette smokers, and cigar consumers should also have the option of good tobacco brands.
To provide smokers with quality tobacco, tobacco companies are enhancing the flavors and taste of their tobacco products. In this article, we will give you many options regarding tobacco and the specialty of particular tobacco.

Here are some things to know while purchasing tobacco for RYO cigarettes:

Health concerns: When purchasing tobacco, you must consider your health as certain chemicals and additives can be cancerous and harmful to health, more so than nicotine. Always choose pure products with a minimum of additives. More organic tobacco means less chemical addition. The burning of tobacco and the strength of nicotine should also be considered. Mild nicotine is a better choice if you are a novice smoker. Yet, high nicotine strength is also available if you prefer it.

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Taste and aroma:

You can choose from several tastes and flavors to enjoy a mesmerizing smoking habit. Different brands offer numerous flavors, each with its own taste and aroma. The most popular flavor among smokers is menthol. Customers also commonly use other ingredients, including vanilla, mint, and mango.
Environmentally friendly: Choose environmentally friendly loose tobacco that does not give off a bad odor and more smoke when burning.
Cost: Never go for an expensive product. Many brands offer quality and quantity at a lower cost. Most tobacco ranges from 10 to 20 dollars per 1 lb.

Top 8 Brands for RYO Cigarette Tobacco:


Due to competition in the tobacco industry, knowing which tobacco suits your personality is hard. But keeping in mind a smoker’s need, we have gathered a list of 8 tobaccos with different specialties and flavors.

1. Kentucky Pipe Tobacco


Considered one of the top ten tobacco products that smokers love, Kentucky Pipe Tobacco is genuinely made for cigarette smoking. It is best utilized for a morning smoke and is filled with the proper dampness that neither needs to be dried nor moisturized. However, if you prefer mild tobacco, this leaf is unsuitable for you as it has a high nicotine amount, strengthening the cigarette. A higher nicotine level means more lung side effects, so one should be careful while consuming. However, it burns consistently until the last perk of tobacco inside the RYO cigarette.

Critical Features of Kentucky Pipe Tobacco:


Nature of tobacco: Contains a high nicotine level
Taste: Strong with natural sweetness
Aroma: Non-aromatic
Burning capability: Gradually but consistently
Company name: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
Price: 55 dollars (for a 5 lb pack)

Flavors of Kentucky Pipe Tobacco:


  • Kentucky, including full flavor red tobacco.
  •  Kentucky Smooth gold tobacco
  •  Kentucky Ultra-smooth silver tobacco
  •  Kentucky Minty green tobacco
  •  Kentucky Mellow-mint blue tobacco
  •  Kentucky Pipe Bold Tobacco
  •  Kentucky Pipe Earthy Dark Tobacco

2. OHM pipe tobacco


We recommend OHM pipe tobacco to novices and those who are fragrance lovers. As tobacco is considered exceptional-grade American tobacco, the company keenly focuses on its freshness and fragrance. To give a citrus-pleasant combine, the manufacturers have properly mixed this smoking tobacco with the slightly grassy smoke that tobacco smokers love to inhale. The manufacturers then wrap the tobacco in a finely sealed bag to ensure its freshness.

The tobacco is sweet and finely toasted before being packed for piping. After using this smoking tobacco, you will discover its many flavors and tastes, making it a favorite of many smokers. Moreover, it does not bother surrounding people as its smoke gives off a sweet aroma.

Nature of tobacco: Finely crushed, pure and fresh tobacco without any added chemicals. It can either be mild or intense in nature.

Taste: Comes in multiple flavors and tastes.

Aroma: Gives off a soothing, sweet, and powerful aroma of citrus and slightly grassy smoke.

Burning capability: Burns nicely and consistently, leaving moisture in the pipe after burning.
Manufacturer’s name: Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.

Price: 56 dollars (for a 5 Ib tobacco packet)

Some flavors of OHM pipe tobacco
  • OHM Menthol pipe tobacco
  • OHM Mild menthol tobacco
  • OHM Natural Tobacco
  • OHM Menthol gold tobacco
  • OHM Silver tobacco
  • OHM Red Tobacco
  • OHM Blue tobacco

3. Criss-Cross Pipe Tobacco


This made-in-the-USA product promises to combine affordability and quality in a single pack. The tobacco is available in a crisscross box and has a soothing aroma. You can experience excellent, fine tobacco in multiple tastes, including vanilla, mint, and black cherry. The company promises a pleasurable smoke experience at a reasonable price so anyone can enjoy this treasure. 

Nature of tobacco: Mild tobacco that has less nicotine content.

Taste: Comes in a smooth and mellow taste.

Aroma: Completely non-aromatic.

Burning capability: Has a fast burning rate.

Company name: Southern Cross Tobacco (SX brand)

Price: 20 dollars (for a 1lb packet) [/su_box]

Some flavors of Criss-Cross pipe tobacco
  • Criss-Cross Menthol pipe
  • Criss-Cross Original pipe
  • Criss-Cross Blue tobacco
  • Criss-Cross Green Tobacco
  • Criss-Cross Red Tobacco

 4. ACES Tobacco



Among veteran smokers, 4ACES tobacco is nothing less than magic. After taking a few puffs, you will recognize the hidden miracle inside it. It is a perfect combination of different organic tobaccos that hypnotize your soul so firmly that it will be impossible to eliminate this addiction. The manufacturers have combined different organic tobaccos to create a new, magical flavor. This tobacco is also less costly and economical for smokers. The smooth and flavored smoke can surely trigger your smoking habit.   

Nature of tobacco: A perfect combination of organic tobacco, high quality, with sufficient nicotine.

Taste: Has an excellent taste with mellowing flavors.

Aroma: Gives off a sweet aroma.

Burning capability: Burns slowly and consistently.

Company name: RSB Tobacco, Inc., located in North Carolina in the USA.

Price: 12.25 dollars (for a 1lb packet)

Some flavors of 4ACES tobacco:
  • 4 ACES Turkish tobacco
  • 4 ACES Menthol
  • 4 ACES Regular
  • 4 ACES Gold pipe
  • 4 ACES Mint
  • 4 ACES Silver pipe

5.Good Stuff Tobacco


For an amazing and pure smoking sensation, you will find no tobacco more worthy than Good Stuff. Providing purity with quality is the premium purpose of this US company. Tobacco is made from leaves with drops of water and then finely crushed, so you will not experience any side chemicals like other companies. Tobacco use is necessary while smoking (not if you are consuming electronic cigarettes). So, why not use a pure product with fewer health risks? After taking one puff, you will admire the tactics used to make this amazing additive. It burns nicely and gives you delicious flavors. You can also use it in cigars and hookahs. Now, relax your taste buds by purchasing a reasonably priced mint flavor of Good Stuff tobacco. Each pack can satisfy your craving for several days.

Nature of tobacco: Pure organic tobacco with zero chemical additives.

Taste: Comes in different soothing flavors to mesmerize your taste buds.

Aroma: Sweet and fascinating aroma. Burning capability: Finely burns until the last puff.

Company name: Privateer Tobacco in the USA.

Price: $13 (for a 1 lb packet)

Some flavors of Good Stuff tobacco
  •  Good Stuff Natural Pipe
  •  Good Stuff Menthol Pipe
  •  Good Stuff Silver Pipe
  •  Good Stuff Menthol Gold

6.  756 Tobacco


If you want good flavored and cheaper tobacco, then 756 tobacco is for you. Enriched with all these qualities, this tobacco offers reasonable prices that other companies never offer. The tobacco is not strong, so you can smoke with fewer health risks. The 756 Gold is a product of OHM Tobacco Company that provides quality products at a lower price. As 756 Gold offers mild tobacco, you can enjoy smoking all day with a sweet fragrance and no dizziness. The smoke from the burning end also does not bother anyone. Now, purchasing several bags of smoking tobacco at a lower cost is practical.

Mild tobacco. It is not purely organic.

Taste: Great taste with mild flavors.

Aroma: Rich aroma.

Burning capability: Burns smoothly until the last puff.

Company name: Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc.

Price: $11.25 (for a 1lb pack)

Flavors of 756 tobacco
  •  Gold Pipe
  •  Green Pipe
  •  Red Pipe
  •  Silver Pipe

7.  Cherokee Tobacco



Cherokee tobacco is the king of all tobacco and is considered the king of all cigarettes, like gold leaf. Quality and quantity can both be found equally in this brand. This tobacco brand effectively plays its role in manufacturing cheaper tobacco with more fragrance and flavor. No one can be safe from addiction after purchasing a single pack. After experiencing several other products, you will be satisfied with Cherokee’s softness and reliability. The manufacturer company lies in America, so the reliability would be 100 percent, as you know the American spirit. You will never get too dry or too damp tobacco from this brand. 

Nature of tobacco: Fresh, well-moistened, not overpowered with a strong taste.

Taste: Comes in unique and soothing flavors.

Aroma: Gives you a slight vanilla fragrance.

Burning capability: Finely burns without giving a foul odor.

Company name: Cherokee Tobacco Company

Price: $12.49 (for a 1lb packet)

Flavors of Cherokee tobacco available in the market
  •  Cherokee Menthol
  •  Cherokee Blue
  •  Cherokee Mellow
  •  Cherokee Bold

8.  Gambler Tobacco


The Gambler Tobacco brand offers tobacco leaves at low rates with a treasure trove of fragrances in the form of tobacco. This cigarette tobacco gives you a pleasant mint aroma and delicious flavors. If you want to replace 4ACES tobacco with a new product, then this item will prove to be a good experience for you. Besides being economical, it burns smoothly and consistently, allowing you to enjoy smoking without any disturbance.

Nature of tobacco: High-quality product that remains fresh inside an air-tight bag.

Taste: Good flavors that delight your taste buds.

Aroma: Rich aroma.

Burning capability: Burns nicely and effortlessly.

Company name: Republic Tobacco in the United States.

Price: $12.35 (for a 1lb packet).

Flavors of Gambler tobacco:
  •  Regular flavor
  •  Smooth Gold
  •  Minty Menthol
  •  Ultra-Smooth Silver
  •  Gambler Gold Pipe Tobacco
  •  Gambler Silver Pipe Tobacco
  •  Gambler Mango

Top 6 stores in the USA to purchase tobacco for RYO cigarettes:

  1.  The Cigarette Store Corp.
  2.  Wild Bill’s
  3.  Low Bob’s
  4.  Tobacco Superstores
  5.  Wild Wild West
  6.  Tobacco Connection

 Kwik Trip/Tobacco Outlet Plus

What is smokeless tobacco?

To enjoy smoking and health simultaneously, companies now make smoke-free tobacco. It includes dry snuff, loose-leaf chewing tobacco, moist snuff, snus, and many dissolvable products that provide smokeless tobacco.


The trend of making RYO cigarettes is increasing day by day due to the rising prices of pre-made cigarettes. As a result, people are switching from factory-made cigarettes to roll-your-own cigarettes. However, purchasing good tobacco is crucial. This article provides you with detailed knowledge regarding tobacco brands, their prices, the characteristics of each brand, and their flavors. I hope this article is informative for you. Please share your valuable feedback regarding this blog and share it with the RYO community to benefit your friends. Additionally, we have summarized the important factors you need to know before buying tobacco products.

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