Juul compatible pods

JUUL Compatible pods: The Detail Guide

Juul compatible pods are famous for their simplicity and elegance. It resembles a USB device that allows you to inhale vapours by puffing it. Current smokers who want to avoid traditional cigarettes and are keen to use simple smoking gadgets love this e-cigarette brand. While each brand displays admiring features, we are here to detail this well-renowned brand briefly. As an informative website, we aim to enrich readers with each side of this product.

We will also brief you about the uses and workings of this vape device, along with reviews of the delicious vape juices it offers to its customers. So, get ready to digest a sea of immense knowledge about JUUL vapes.

What is Juul Compatible Pods

Juul pod electronic cigarettes have a more streamlined and compact appearance, resembling USB devices rather than conventional tobacco. The principal objective of the brand is to furnish adolescents with user-friendly and convenient devices that facilitate the shift from conventional tobacco cigarettes manufactured in a cigarette factory to nicotine vapes.

The device has no button or any other trick to use, so even someone with no knowledge can vape it by puffing. Being a small gadget, one can easily hide it in smoking-restricted places. The device comes with four different pods to offer delicious flavours, or you might have to purchase them alone. This cost and user-friendly gadget has been popular in the US since 2021 until now.

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How to Use Juul Compatible Pods

The Juul compatible pods are famous for their simple work, so users of every mentality can easily equip it. To use this gadget, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Charging

Before using the device, it must be fully charged. For this purpose, the company has already given a USB cable along with the adapter. Moreover, you can also recharge it by connecting it to the laptop or PC. To check the charging status, double-tap on the top of the device, and it will show the battery.

  • Step 2: Attaching the Pods

Now, attach the pods by lifting the coloured cap from it. Insert the remaining part into the device. Please don’t press it, or you will damage its sensitive casing. A click sound will be produced when the pod is inserted accurately inside the device.

  • Step 3: Puffing

Now, it’s time to inhale the vapour that comes out of the inhaling end. There is no button or rocket science in inhaling the vapours. It would be best if you puffed on it, and the draw sensor will detect the puffing so that the vapours will be inhaled. On average, a pod can feature 300 puffs, which is acceptable to satisfy a smoker who used to smoke 20 cigarettes daily.

  • Step 4: Power On/Off

Unlike other vape devices, you do not need to care about power on and off to avoid wastage of battery. Yet, the device becomes ON only when you puff it and off when you are not doing so.

Juul E-Cigs Working?

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The pod and the vaping device are the two active components behind the working of the Juul e cigarette. Both work in such coordination that you inhale the vapours while taking a puff.

Working of Pod and Device

The pod comprises flavoured e-juice along with the desired amount of nicotine salt, usually 3 per cent or 5 per cent. The pod is made up of plastic material and a metallic coil inside it. This coil works as a vaporizer, enabling the e-juice to vaporize on inhaling. The pod has a draw sensor which allows vapers to inhale when someone puffs on it.

The pod’s battery and coil are connected so that power will supply to the coil to vaporize the e-juice present in the pod. The housed coil inside the pod belongs to the metallic material. Yet, a wicking cotton-like material is also present to absorb the heat from the battery to vaporize the e-juice.

Juul Pod Ingredients

In the user manual, the company has given the list of ingredients present in the Juul pod. The major portion of the e-juice contains propylene glycol, glycerin, benzoic acid, and the mentioned flavor. Propylene aerosol is also present, which gives off benzoic acid on heating. Not to mention, certain additives are not safe for human health. However, it is still less disastrous than cigarette smoking.

Juul Pod Flavors

Remember the good times in the US when the government had not yet imposed a ban on different flavours of Juul pod? Therefore, I blessed my taste buds with multiple flavours, including:

  • Menthol
  • Mint
  • Virginia tobacco
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Chocolate

However, since the Biden administration, we have been restricted to only menthol and tobacco. Nevertheless, I ordered Juul pods from Russia, and they are still selling other flavours, which means it is just the US that restricts you to only two flavors.

Review of Virginia Tobacco Flavor

This flavour is best for those recently switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping. Surprisingly, you do not inhale tobacco, but it feels like you have. The flavour is pretty good; however, I wouldn’t say I like to inhale it all day. Nevertheless, the previous fruity flavours, like banana and mango, were a great choice, as I always enjoyed them. People still customize their Juul pods with different local flavours, which luckily come in good quality. As most of them are bad enough to spoil my vaping experience, I rely on genuine pods only.

Why Choose Juul E-cigarettes over Other Brands

We know that vaping is far less harmful than cigarette smoking, and almost all brands claim to have different flavours. So, why should one choose Juul e-cigarettes? It is a big question that many vapers ask. Here are the unique characteristics that make it more worthwhile than other brands.

  • Simple and Convenient to Use:

We have already briefed you about the simplicity of this gadget. Without any confusion, you can use it easily. Its automatic sensors detect whether you are puffing it or not and set it accordingly.

  • Size:

People give it great importance due to its portability and easy-to-fit feature. You can carry it anywhere without being noticed. Also, its lightweight and USB-like appearance distinguishes it from other vape brands.

  • Price:

It is surprising that the device offers all the advantages of other brands and still has a lower price. This makes it different and easy to purchase as compared to other brands.

Refillable Juul Pods vs. Blu E-cigarettes (A Comparison):

All vapes are worthwhile for quitting cigarette smoking; however, different brands have their features. Here is a brief comparison between Juul E-cigarettes and Blu E-cigarettes.

  • Device Comparison:

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The two vape devices display entirely different appearances. The Juul brand gives a slim USB-shaped appearance, which is significantly smaller than the size of a traditional cigarette. Meanwhile, the Blu vapes are famous due to their cigarette-like appearance with an LED light on the burning end that gives a tobacco cigarette vibe to its user. Here are some key features of both devices.

Features  JUUL e-cigarettes  BLU e-cigarettes
Size: 94.8*15.1(mm) (including the pod) 0.38” x 4.63” (inches)
Weight 14 g 20 g
Operating method By puffing By pressing the power button
Appearance Small in size, it appears as a USB device It seems like a tobacco cigarette but is slightly larger than it.
  • Battery Comparison:

Juul has battery health 200mAh that lasts 3 to 4 hours, takes only 45 minutes to charge fully, and is perfectly suitable for a small gadget. While Blu e-cigarette being a comparatively large device, comes with an 1100mAh battery that does not need to charge for 12 to 13 hours.

  • Nicotine strength:

Juul e-cigarettes have the option to get customized nicotine strength that one can increase or decrease according to taste and will. It begins with 3 per cent low to 5 per cent (high level) of nicotine salt. However, Blu vapes have a fixed level of 2.4 percent nicotine which is not desirable for many nicotine addicts.

  • Accessories:

Juul accessories

  • Vape device.
  • 4 pods (need extra cost)
  • USB cable
  • charger

Blu vape accessories

It has a starter kit that gives you the following.

  • Blu vape device.
  • 3 cartridges
  • USB cable
  • charger
  • Price Comparison:

A Juul device costs $9.99, and a pack of four pods with a charger costs only $23. On the other hand, a Blu vape is more expensive, starting from $50 and above.

Juul E-cigarettes and Health Concerns: There is also a dark side to Juul vaping. Many health risks are associated with it, especially among youth, and it is important to highlight them as well.

FAQs About Juul

  • What is the legal age for purchasing JUUL devices?

The legal age in the US for purchasing Juul vape devices is 21. However, some states allow youngsters up to 18 years. Juul is made for adults and is not sold to minors.

  • Can JUUL devices be used for marijuana or other substances? 

Yes, it is possible to use Juul devices for marijuana or other substances by replacing the e-juice cartridge. As marijuana contains no odour or smoke, users can secretly intake it.

  • Can JUUL use cause lung cancer?

Regular nicotine inhalation can lead to many diseases, and lung cancer is one of them. As vape devices contain formaldehyde, acrolein, and acetaldehyde, all of which are leading chemicals that can cause lung cancer, a nicotine addict may get lung cancer along with other cardiovascular diseases.

  • How do I dispose of JUUL pods and devices safely?

Juul is an electronic device and not a disposable gadget. This device should not be thrown away anywhere. It should be disposed of far from the local area so that its harmful chemicals will not directly affect nearby humans after decomposing.


This is everything you need to know about Juul e-cigarettes. We covered every detail of this emerging brand, so you can consider the pros and cons while purchasing it. You can also share information about Juul’s brand and other vapes with us. To get the latest information on the smoking world, visit our website daily. Also, share this blog with your vape-loving friends and those wanting to quit smoking.

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