FAQ about cigarette rolling machines and rolling-your-own cigarettes.

Electric cigarette rolling machines have revolutionized the style and way of smoking by replacing the old traditional methods with new advanced and efficient ways. The advancements in the world of smoking and the cigarette industry, like in other fields, are increasing day by day. Due to their numerous benefits including credibility, ease of use, and highly economical features, people are more focused on making roll-your-own cigarettes rather than having factory-made smoke.

Currently, we are familiar with many electric cigarette rolling machines such as the Hawk-matic HK2 machine, Powermatic machine, Top-o-matic machine, etc. All of them facilitate smoking, yet there is a certain guide that one must know before using electric cigarette rolling machines.

What is an electric cigarette rolling machine and how does it work?

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The cigarette rolling machine has revolutionized the smoking world as many smokers currently rely on roll-your-own cigarettes by using electric cigarette rolling machines. These machines are able to make finely rolled tobacco in less than a second. You don’t have to waste time rolling the paper and filling it with leaf tobacco. All you have to do is push the button and the injector fills the tube with the appropriate amount of tobacco automatically. The market is full of well-renowned electric cigarette rolling machines such as Powermatic 2, Topomatic, and GERUI electric cigarette rolling machines.

To use it, here are simple steps one can follow:

  • Fill the chamber or hopper with a sufficient amount of tobacco.
  • Attach the filter tube with a nozzle or injector.
  • Now, press the button and your freshly crafted cigarette is ready to burn.
Why does my cigarette rolling machine jam?

Your cigarette rolling machine might stop working due to an internal disturbance. Among many reasons, like inappropriate cleaning and maintenance, the nature of the tobacco that we want to fill in the rolling paper is also a big reason behind the jamming of cigarette rolling machines. If the tobacco is too dry and dense (pipe tobacco), the rolling machine fails to fill it in the tube and results in bending, breaking, and jamming of your machine. Yet, there are some advanced products available in smoking shops that have built-in jam protection mechanisms to avoid uncertainties.

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Why should I clean my cigarette rolling machine?

Cleaning and maintenance of a cigarette rolling machine depend upon the nature of the tobacco and the type of machine you are using to roll your own cigarettes. Some machines are designed so they can gather debris or pieces of dirt, so you don’t need to clean them frequently. Nonetheless, some people expect at least twice-a-week cleaning.
The nature of tobacco also has an impact on the cleaning of the rolling machine. Some substances, such as tobacco and herbs, build up sticky residues that are too stubborn to remove. So, if you encounter difficulty in operating the machine or your rolling machine fails to make a fine cigarette, then you must go for a thorough cleaning process.

How to clean and maintain an electric cigarette rolling machine?


Like operating an electronic cigarette rolling machine, its cleanliness and maintenance are also straightforward. Most gadgets have cleaning kits along with accessories. Some parts are also detachable to undergo a thorough cleaning process.

For cleaning:

  1. Use the cleaning brush to remove residues.
  2. If the machine does not have a brush, you can simply use a piece of cloth and put a drop of alcohol on it.
    To ensure complete removal of residues, detach the hopper. Remove the perks from small areas like the injector, corners of the chamber, and nozzle.

lete removal of residues, detach the hopper. Remove the perks from small areas like the injector, corners of the chamber, and nozzle.

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For maintenance:

  1. To boost the performance of your machine, you have to lubricate different metallic parts, including nuts. The lubrication will prevent your machine from corrosion or rust.

What are some issues one can face while using a cigarette rolling machine? There are certain issues that need to be addressed before operating a cigarette rolling machine, such as:

  1. The filter paper may become tightly packed or too loose with tobacco, so moderation is key.
  2. The front of the filter should not be densely packed or empty.
  3. During injection, the cigarette tubes should not rip or tear.
  4. Pipe tobacco should be avoided as it is too wet and long, making it difficult to inject into the cigarette tube and can jam the machine.

What is the difference between manual and automatic cigarette rolling machines?

Both manual and automatic cigarette rolling machines are popular and in high demand in the market. The main difference between the two is the method of operation.

Manual cigarette rolling machines work by sliding a lever or using elbow grease, while automatic cigarette rolling machines have an electronic mechanism that fills cigarette tubes in seconds with a single button press.
Automatic machines take less time to fill a cigarette compared to manual machines.

Manual machines can be difficult to operate due to the force required on the lever, while automatic machines are a single-touch operation.

Due to their functional differences, prices also vary. Manual cigarette rolling machines typically cost between $30 to $70, while automatic machines start at $100 and go up from there.

What are the top brands of manual and electric cigarette rolling machines?

List of manual cigarette rolling machines List of automatic cigarette rolling machines

  1. Powermatic 1 elite machine
  2. Top-o-matic manual cigarette rolling machine.
  3. Gambler tube cut tabletop machine
  4. LYCYCAZ machine Powermatic 2plus machine.
  5. Powermatic 3 plus machine.
  6. GERUI cigarette rolling machine.
  7. Top-o-matic Poweroll 2 machine
  8. E3 Matic machine.
  9. Powermatic 4 plus machine.


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Can an Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Save You Money?

If you are only comparing the cost of one cigarette with the cost of one rolling machine, it might seem like the machine is expensive. However, if you do some calculations and compare the yearly expenses of buying pre-made cigarette packs with the cost of using an electric cigarette rolling machine, it becomes clear that pre-made packs are more costly. For example, two cartons of cigarette packs are worth about $2,000, while the price of a machine is less than $500.

How Long Does it Take to Roll a Cigarette Using an Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Crafting a cigarette using an electric cigarette rolling machine takes only one to three seconds, which is ten times faster than rolling your own cigarette manually without using any gadget. That’s why people prefer using electric cigarette rolling machines rather than crafting them by hand.

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What are the Benefits of Using Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines?

The widespread use of electric cigarette rolling machines is due to the multiple benefits they offer their users, making them increasingly popular among smokers. Here are some major advantages of using cigarette rolling machines that make your smoking experience more enjoyable and consistent:

Cost savings compared to pre-made cigarettes: Factory-made cigarettes include certain taxes that increase whenever the government wants. However, equipping an electric cigarette rolling machine makes you independent from industries. The fluctuations in prices of cigarette packs have no impact on roll-your-own cigarettes. Once you have your own cigarette-making gadget, additional taxes on cigarette packs will not affect you.

Time savings compared to traditional methods of rolling your own cigarette: Another great feature of electric cigarette rolling machines is their fast operating system. The machines craft cigarettes quickly, unlike manual rollers and hand-made cigarette rolling machines. Since there is no need for force to operate the machine, you can make more cigarettes and enjoy them without wasting any time.

Customization options for cigarette size and tobacco blend: Many smokers are particular about the size of their cigarettes, the density of tobacco, and the type of tobacco they prefer to inhale. Pre-made cigarettes come in a set size with a fixed amount of tobacco and a specific flavor. These constraints can ruin your smoking experience. However, using electric cigarette rolling machines allows you to fully customize your cigarette by adjusting the filter paper, size, and density and flavor of tobacco to your preferences.

Top Best Tobacco Blends Available in the Market:

  • Chew – see Smokeless Tobacco. Cigarettes
  • Dip – see Smokeless Tobacco
  • OHM BLUE Tobacco
  • Captain Black, original
  • Mac Baren; Mixture Scottish Blend
  • Mac Baren; Vanilla Cream

Health Benefits:

Make an instantly fresh cigarette: When using factory-made cigarettes, the tobacco comes in contact with various foreign entities such as bacteria and other microbes that are present in the air. This is especially common when you purchase a cigarette pack and keep it for a longer period of time. However, many cigarette rolling machines can save the remaining tobacco in an airtight container to avoid any foreign elements, which is riskier for your health.

Make a cigarette with less tobacco: Factory-made cigarettes have a set amount of tobacco inside the filter paper. If you smoke eight cigarettes per day, you inhale a certain amount of smoke per day. However, making your own cigarettes via electric cigarette rolling machines allows you to consume less tobacco per day. Now, you can enjoy a certain number of cigarettes with a lower amount of tobacco, which is also good for those who want to quit smoking. In this case, the filter paper, size, and quantity of tobacco will be of your choice.

Use a Cooler Smoke:

Traditional cigarettes are more harmful because the hot tobacco drastically affects the mucous membranes, esophagus, lungs, and other body parts. This occurs due to the shorter distance between the lit end and the filter end. The issue is serious as it can cause mouth soreness or a persistent cough.

Roll-your-own (RYO) cigarettes can help alleviate this problem by allowing more space between the lit end and the end in direct contact with your mouth. Therefore, you can enjoy a cooler smoke and fully appreciate the last millimeter of your cigarette without wasting expensive tobacco.

Comparison Between Pre-Rolled and RYO Cigarettes:

Pre-rolled factory-made cigarettes  RYO cigarettes using electric cigarette rolling machines
Yearly cost more than 10,000 dollars.

Gives you a certain amount of tobacco, in a pretty fixed size of cigarette with no variation in the density of tobacco.
After opening the pack, there are chances for the remaining cigarettes to expose to foreign bacteria and microbes.
You are bound to inhale a specific type of tobacco available in the store. Which makes your smoking hobby boring. The yearly cost is less than 1000 dollars.

You are allowed to customize the tobacco density and size of the cigarette according to your will.
Fresh roll-your-own cigarettes can be crafted by using an electric cigarette rolling machine. The remaining tobacco can be stored in an air-tight container.
Allows you to experience different flavors of tobacco having pleasant aromas.


Using a reputable electric cigarette rolling machine can provide you with the benefits mentioned above. However, people often have questions about the workings, maintenance, and benefits of these machines. As a trusted website, we strive to answer all of these questions and provide informative articles. Please visit our website to take advantage of our services and share this blog with other smokers looking to switch from pre-rolled to roll-your-own cigarettes.

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